eCommerce websites and platforms in Singapore

In the age when everything can be done online, more and more businesses are now working
on how to have a robust online presence. Most of them are making use of social media to
promote their businesses, products, and services. However, having only social media
presence is never enough for eCommerce businesses. To gain more customers and
legitimacy, businesses develop eCommerce website stores.

Creating your own eCommerce website is not simple. However, a lot of website developers
have seen this need thus many created eCommerce platform Singapore website builders.
These website builders are easy to use and only require minimal to no programming
knowledge. Furthermore, they are affordable and very convenient to use. If you plan to
develop eCommerce website shops for your businesses, here are the top eCommerce
platform Singapore website builders.

Top eCommerce platform #1 – Shopify
The eCommerce platform Singapore website builder that was able to establish its brand is
Shopify. It became the leading eCommerce platform despite only being established in 2004.
Now, it is supporting over a million businesses worldwide with most of them being small to
medium-scaled companies. If you develop eCommerce website businesses here, you have
not only different storefront features but also analytical reports that enable you to monitor
your customers and sales.

For as low as $29 a month, you can have a fully-operational online store. Furthermore, you
can also have access to Shopify’s 24-hour chat support should you need it. In addition, you
can do more customization since you will gain access to the front-end development of your
eCommerce website. Thus, if you are looking for the eCommerce platform Singapore builder
that offers a balance between ease-of-use and customization freedom, choose Shopify.

Top eCommerce platform #2 – Wix
Wix is probably the easiest way to develop eCommerce website stores. That is because of its
drag-and-drop website builder. If you don’t have access to a good website designer or
developer, this eCommerce platform Singapore website is the right one for you. Aside from a
good-looking website, you will have access to several plug-ins and other features. In addition,
Wix has a lot of price ranges starting from the eCommerce plan costing $17 per month to the
Enterprise plan costing $500 per month. However, Wix doesn’t charge transaction fees or
takes a percentage of every sale.

If you avail of a plan from Wix, you will have access to its dedicated support system. You can
contact them by phone, social media, and email. Wix is easy to use however if you are
planning to scale your business you might find it difficult since you will have to upgrade to
another plan.

Top eCommerce platform #3 – BigCommerce
Founded in 2009, BigCommerce was able to build a name for itself over the years. They are
best known for the sophisticated enterprise-grade functionality. Customization that is easy to
use is also found in this eCommerce website builder. By its eCommerce platform Singapore
name, you can already tell that this platform is for big businesses that have a wide range of

A standard account with a monthly subscription of $29.95 from BigCommerce can already
offer you so much more than what other eCommerce platforms can. In addition, you will have
access not only to live-chat support, but also phone, email, and even online community
support. Thus, if you are a big company, you should develop eCommerce website shops
through BigCommerce.

Top eCommerce platform #4 – WooCommerce
If your website is made through WordPress, you have access to a brilliant but free
eCommerce platform Singapore plug-in. Since it is owned by WordPress, it has a market
share of 30% of all eCommerce websites on the internet. This is the perfect platform for those
small businesses that want great results but don’t have the funds. When you develop
eCommerce website businesses through WooCommerce, you will get mobile-optimized
shopping, inventory management, and shipping options and calculations. This plug-in also

comes with search engine optimization, coupons and discounts creator, and product reviews.
Thus, you will have access to many features.

However, WooCommerce is not top-tier when it comes to customer service. They don’t have
a phone or email support but they do have 24-live chat services. In the live chat, website
owners have to file a ticket which will be answered within 24 hours. However, customization
is not limited in this eCommerce platform Singapore plug-in because it is open-source.

Build your own or hire an expert

With the help of these eCommerce platform Singapore website builders, one can easily
create an online store. This online store is beneficial not only for building a strong online
presence but also for providing a convenient way to shop for your products and services.
However, if you want to develop eCommerce website stores that are more unique, you
should hire an experienced website developer. A good company to check out is Digital
Solution. You can do so by visiting their website.

eCommerce websites and platforms in Singapore